Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is the reason we exist.

Everything we do at Covenant Christian Centre, UK is designed to help people experience the good news in these ways…

To teach people how to practically apply God’s word on a daily basis to the various affairs of their lives.

To empower people to become all That God has created them to be

To build a people who are leaders in their various fields and pathways Everyone has a destiny in Christ and by God’s word and the Holy Spirit to help in guiding people into their God-given destiny. Not lording it over their faith but we are helpers of their joy.

To teach people that they are complete in Christ and to empower them to become all they were created to be. Leaders in their various works of life.

To encourage people to explore their full potentials in Christ and manifest that inheritance God has placed inside them (through the resurrection of Jesus Christ) outside the four walls of the church building. Bringing innovation and development in any environment they find themselves in.