Cell Groups

Every week, we meet up on Zoom to agree and pray in faith together. Our cell groups consist of men’s and women’s cell groups. Each cell has been designed as an opportunity to connect with everyone on a personal level while focusing on individual prayer requests.

Make it a date with us every week as we join hands in prayers and watch your life change for the better.

How Often

We meet every Thursday, between 8:30 pm – 9 pm for the Men’s Cell and 9 – 10 pm for the Women’s cell (UK Time).


Online meetings via Zoom. The links for each cell group is on the fliers on this page. You can also click the highlighted text in the “How Often” section above.

Please send a WhatsApp message to 07312 229 918 or email the outreach team at outreach@covenantchristiancentre.org.uk for more details.